Why Electrical Symbols are important to Electricians?

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Basic Electrical Symbols | Symbols are used in electrical drawings that set in the basic electrical structure. If you are an electrician, should remember its identities. On this basis, I have incorporated electrical and electronics symbols into this post.

Basic Electrical Symbols

Drawing symbols are like volt, current, power, circuit breaker, distribution board, fuse, links, switch, socket, isolator, light, fan, kWh meter etc., Read carefully because I have attached all those symbols in multiple images.

Interview tip: Read electrical abbreviations and full forms here.

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Electric Symbols
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Symbols with Description

Electrical Symbol List | In electrical drawings there are five types of electrical symbol list. They are outlets, switches, circuit-raceway, fixtures and service and equipment.

Electrical Drawing

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Electrical Drawing Important Symbols
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Drawing Symbols

Final Word

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  1. Nellai Latheef

    What is the symbol of circuit breakers in electrical wiring drawings? (Like mcb, mccb, rccb, robo, vcb)

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    Pictures are not in good quality. Update it bro

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