DC Motor Applications in Industries

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Do you know any of DC motor applications in Industries? Are you at home now? Or, are you in the office? If not, are you on the site? Anyway, there is definitely a dc motor running around you. But not only in industries.

DC motor plays a very important role in meeting the needs of our daily life. These motors have simplified the work of humans.

DC Motor Industries Applications

Direct current motors are used in,

  • Electric vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Conveyors and Turntables
  • Household appliances
  • Power tools
hydraulic pump dc motor, dc motor use in hydraulic pump, dc motor applications
DC motor uses in hydraulic pump
  • Toys
  • Modern ceiling fans
  • Cranes
  • Air compressor
  • Lifts
  • Elevators
  • Winching system
  • Electric traction
  • Hair drier

Electric vehicles Industries (EV)

First, let’s start with the electric vehicles that you are familiar with.

The DC series motor, also known as the DC brushed was used first, in electric vehicles (EV)

The high torque DC series motor was considered to be the most maintenance required motor due to the brush and commutator.

electric vehicle dc motor, dc motor in ev, dc motor uses, bldc motors in electric vehicles
Electric vehicle motor

The advent of brushless direct motor made, dc series motor forgettable in electric vehicles.

Brushless direct current motors have high starting torque and high efficiency. Nowadays, these motors are used in modern high speed electric vehicles.

Maintenance on a BLDC motor is not a big deal as many people fear. The Brushless direct current motors requires less maintenance than the induction motor.

Robotics Industries

Due to the high efficiency and torque of brushless direct current motors, it is used in the robots which are designed to be at high speed.

dc motor applications in robots, dc motors in robots
DC motor applications in industries

These are used in robots’ body and FOR camera movements.

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps play an important role in energy generation and distribution plants. It is also used in major industries such as construction, steel milling, mining, manufacturing, machining, and heavy equipment.

These pumps were originally used as DC series motors and are currently operating with the help of brushless direct current motor.

dc motor uses in cranes, dc motor cranes
DC motor uses in cranes

Conveyors and Turntables

The most important purpose of using DC motor in conveyors is to ensure that its starting torque is five times more efficient than rated torque.

dc motors in conveyors, dc motor uses
DC motor uses in conveyor

Interview tip: Direct Current is electrical full form of DC term.

Household appliances Manufacturing Industries

The use of dc motor is essential from home kitchen to lawn. These motors play a role in everyday necessities such as refrigerator, electric toothbrush, pump, lawn mower, cordless drills, and chainsaw

Power tools
dc power tools, direct current motor, dc motor applications
DC powered power tools

DC motors are used in battery powered power tools. These motors are used in portable battery drills, cutting equipment and blowers.

Toys Industries
dc motor applications for toys, motor in toys
DC motor applications in toys

In children’s toys, small motors are used to spin or drive it.

Modern ceiling fans Industries

The ceiling fan was first invented in 1882 by the German-American scientist Philip Diehl. Emerson Electric, an American company, developed the first modern ceiling fan in 2009 with the help of the Brushless Direct Current Motor, which was invented in 1962.

super-efficient fan, bldc fan, dc motor fan
Super-efficient fan

Nowadays, well designed modern ceiling fans are available in the markets with sophisticated features such as smart remote, led indicators and inverter use.

The modern ceiling fan can rotate rapidly at 400 rpm. When running this fan on the inverter, the power consumption is three times less than other fans.

The traditional ceiling fan can be rotated at 300 rpm. Modern ceiling fans are also known as super-efficient fan.

While the induction motor consumes 70 to 90 watts of energy, the modern direct current motor consumes only 25 watts. Despite the high cost of the brushless direct current motor, its use has increased in terms of energy efficiency. It may be rare to see tradition ceiling fans in the future.

dc motor driller, dc drills, dc power tools
DC motor driller

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