PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

In this article we are going to see some of the PVC conduit pipe fittings. There are lot of types of electrical conduits are used in the buildings. Also, there are bunch of fittings are needed in the construction when installing electrical conduits.  If you haven’t heard about them before, or need to refresh your memory. Here they are,

PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

A closed curve line point, the points of which are all the same distance from the center. The circumference of a circle is found by multiplying the diameter by the constant pi. Circle

Pi (p) has a value of 3.14159. Or, C = pD, where C is the circumference and D is the diameter.

Elbow | PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

An ell or a 90°bend that is made when a conduit must turn at a 90°angle. Factory elbows are available already bent. Figure shows how factory elbows are used, and how on the job bends can be made for a neater look.


The distance saved by the arc of a 90 degree bend. By knowing the gain you can precut, ream, and pre-thread both ends of the conduit before the bend is actually made. A typical gain table is shown in table.

Hickey – PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

Designed for bending small sizes of rigid conduit. The hickey is not to be confused with a hand bender.


A change in direction of the conduit, but at a small angle. The first bend in and offset is really a kick.

Little kicker

A hand-operated device used to make offsets in EMT.


When two 45 bends are used and when the conduit must run over, under, or around an obstacle. An offset is also used at outlet boxes, cabinets, panel boards, and pull boxes.

Right angle

An angle that contains 90°. Remember that a circle has 360°.

Saddle – PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

When a small obstruction, such as a pipe, must be crossed by the conduit. It may be necessary to use two offsets to cross some larger objects.


The short ends of the conduit that stick up after a longer piece has bent.


The amount of conduit the bender will use to form the bend. Bender manufacturers usually list their particular product’s take-up distances on the side of the device.

Boxes – PVC Conduit Pipe Fittings

Boxes are used to make connections of wiring or to mount switch boxes and fixtures. There are many types of metallic and nonmetallic boxes.

Nonmetallic PVC switch boxes and receptacle boxes are used in residential wiring. The roughing-in time can be reduced by using these boxes, inasmuch as they have their own connectors molded into the box. They can also be used in remodeling old work.

When you install an “old work” box into hollow walls, two arms swing out behind the wall. Tighten two screws and the arms draw tightly against the wall. Installation is completed with a few turns of the screwdriver. A template is included in the box to ensure an accurate cut in the wall.

The swing-arm box can be used with wall material from 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch thick or from paneling to drywall. A cable clamp is molded into the box. Just push the wire in and pull back slightly to activate the clamping action.

PVC boxes are made for switches and ceiling installations. The ceiling boxes will support fixtures up to 50 pounds. Mounting posts have a pair of holes 3/4 inches and three and half inches at the center to accept fixture canopies that require either of these spacings.

Heavy-duty nails are already inserted. Just make sure you don’t miss and hit the box with a hammer the results can be disastrous. The plastic does crack when hit a hard blow with a hammer that missed its target. The PVC boxes are usually of bright color. They may be gold or blue, to name but two of the manufacturers’ colors.

However, the thermoset (hard plastic) boxes are black. They also have raised covers and reducers. Boxes have been made of steel for years. There are many different manufacturers, but most of the boxes are made roughly to the same standards.

Look for the CSA and UL labels before buying. A wide variety of boxes is available. Each has its own identity and serves a specific purpose. Therefore, when, looking for an easy way to mount a box check all options. Many boxes come with brackets for specific types of mounting.

Plastic ears are included in many switch boxes. They are set forward 1/16 inch in the “old work” position. Two screw ears are supplied with shallow boxes and one screw ear for deep boxes. Clamps inside boxes are made for armored cable or nonmetallic cable (Romex). Ground clips are used to secure ground wires to the side of metal boxes.

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