Cable Roller Wheel and Cable Bender Tools: Types, Uses

Cable Roller Wheel and Cable Bender | Special Electrical Equipments  Certain jobs or particular locations in which routine jobs must be done require the use of special equipment for gaining access in hard-to-reach places. Other types of jobs, especially industrial and commercial settings, may also require the use of special or large, heavy-duty equipment. Not every electrician needs to have these tools in the toolbox. Most large, expensive, and complicated tools are provided by the electrical contractor for whom the electrician works. Electrician and electrical background persons should have familiarity with the more common special tools and their use.

Cable Roller Wheel and Cable Bender Tools: Types, Uses

Bender Tools

There are electrical cable benders for large cables that cannot be bent by hand and there are conduit benders.

Cable Bender

A cable bender is used to bend cable in close quarters with a minimum of effort. Most cable benders have insulated handles for the user’s comfort. Above picture shows a typical cable bender. This one can handle cable up to 750 MCM.
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Electric Bender

Electric Bender

An electric bender can handle large rigid-steel and aluminum conduit easily. Bending shoes are sized to fit the conduit. Picture shows a typical electric bender with different shoes and support rollers for various sizes of conduit.
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Hydraulic Bender

Hydraulic Bender

A hydraulic bender is used to end conduit. A steel box houses the bender unit that can be used with two electric pumps. The above figure shows a typical hydraulic bender. Become familiar with its parts so that you are able to use it on the job.

Cable Guide

A cable guide is used to keep cable where it is supposed to be while it is being pulled through conduit, along cable trays, or underground through manholes in the street. Some models have an adjustable radius that permits cable of different diameters to be guided. Below figure shows a cable guide with a radius that can be adjusted from 191/2 to 36 inches.
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Cable Guide – Electrical2z Images
Cable Rollers
They are designed to reduce the problems associated with pulling over cable trays and ladders and to prevent snags. There are several types of cable rollers, each designed for a specific purpose.
Types of Cable Roller Wheels
1. Straight Rollers
2. Radius Rollers
3.Right Angle Rollers
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Cable roller wheel types
Straight Rollers
Straight cable rollers, designed to be mounted on trays of common widths, or bottom-mounted. In most ladder configurations, they are used flat or vertically.
Radius Rollers
Radius rollers can be used alone or in combination with pulling off-sets for turns of less than 90°. They can be top mounted or bottom-mounted. When bottom mounting, allow a 51/2-inch minimum clearance between rungs. Radius rollers have two J-bolts and mounting hardware similar to that on straight rollers.
Right Angle Rollers
Right-angle rollers handle even the heaviest cables. A combination of horizontal and vertical ball-bearing rollers will ensure easy pulling and added control at all points of contact in 90° turns. They can be top-mounted or inside mounted on any manufacturer’s tray or ladder.
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