Electric Motor Enclosure Types

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Electric Motor Enclosure Types | The word ‘enclosure’ refers to the type of housing with which the motor is equipped. The article is all about 6 types of motor enclosures.

Electric Motor Enclosure Types

Some of the principle types of enclosures are us follows,

  • Screen protected
  • Drip proof
  • Pipe ventilated
  • Forced Draught
  • Totally enclosed
  • Flame proof

 1.Screen protected : General purpose type for used in workshop. 

2. Drip proof : Used wherever there is a possibility of water dripping or spraying over the motor such as in the basement of power houses, outdoor plants like gantry cranes etc.,
3. Pipe-ventilated : Chemical works, flour and cement works, etc.,
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6 Types of Motor Enclosures 
4. Forced Draught : Where natural ventilation by the fan provided on the armature shaft will not be sufficient, such as in case of slow speed machines, and traction motors, etc.,
5. Totally enclosed : Where admission of air from outside is not permissible, such as in boiler rooms, steel works, foundries, outdoor electrical installations, winches and cranes exposed to the weather, etc.,
6. Flame proof : Where the motor has to work in explosive atmosphere, as in gas works, oil plants, coal mines, etc.,

Motor Enclosure Types

The cost of the motors rises with the type of enclosure provided in the order indicated above. In the case of very large electrical equipment, several methods of extracting the heat produced inside are adopted, like forced hydrogen gas cooling, water cooling through circulating pipes, etc., the principal object is to take away as much heat as possible and as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the dimensions of the machine to reasonable limits

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