Fluorescent Lamp Troubleshooting Tips

Fluorescent Lamp Troubleshooting Tips | The defect may be due to one of several causes, and as with any other electrical installation, one should proceed methodically from the obvious to the remote, doing the simplest and easiest tests first before embarking on more complicated work. Have a good look and observe the symptoms. A little thinking saves a lot of time.

If a lamp does not light up when switched on, observe if the cathodes at the two ends are lighting up. If not, check for supply and also the fuses. If a blown fuse, investigate the cause. In a new installation, faulty wiring is possible; in an old installation, insulation breakdown in the wiring or in the power factor improvement condenser is indicated.
If supply is all right and there is still no glow in the lamp ends, the lamp pins may not be making a good contact at eh sockets. Try rotating the lamp to and fro and see that it is fully home; alternatively try a lamp known to be good. Try a spare starter. If these do not help, check with a test lamp for supply at the lamp terminals. If there is no supply, the choke may be opening circuited and of course a connecting lead may have come off.

Fluorescent Lamp Disposal

The disposal of phosphorus and mercury toxins from spent tubes can be an environmental hazard. Governmental regulations in many areas require special disposal of fluorescent lamps separate from general and household wastes. For large commercial or industrial users of fluorescent lights, recycling services are available in many nations, and may be required by regulation. In some areas, recycling is also available to consumers.
Spent fluorescent lamps are typically packaged prior to transport to a recycling facility in one of three ways: boxed for bulk pickup, by using a prepaid lamp recycling box, or crushed onsite before pickup. A fluorescent lamp crusher can attach directly to a disposal drum and isolate the dust and mercury vapor.

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