Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting Electric motors should be installed, maintained and troubleshot by electricians. There are millions of motors in use in homes, offices, stores, and industrial plants. One major concern is choosing the right motor for a given job. The choice depends on the intended use of the motor, the availability of power, … Read more

How to Troubleshoot The Wiring Problems

Troubleshoot The Wiring Problems Some problems with wiring systems can be traced to the use of improper materials in the wiring devices. Therefore, the use of proper materials in the installation stage is a form of preventive maintenance, decreasing the likelihood of problems later. Shock hazards should be minimized by the dielectric strength of the … Read more

Electrical Troubleshooting For 4 General Electrical Problems

Electrical Troubleshooting tests the electrician’s ability to observe and understand how things work. Electrical problems are many; every connection and every device is a potential problem. One of the best ways to prevent trouble is to check certain items as a routine procedure to catch trouble before it becomes serious and causes fires, other damage, … Read more

Fluorescent Lamp Troubleshooting Tips

Fluorescent Lamp Troubleshooting Tips | The defect may be due to one of several causes, and as with any other electrical installation, one should proceed methodically from the obvious to the remote, doing the simplest and easiest tests first before embarking on more complicated work. Have a good look and observe the symptoms. A little … Read more

Operation and Maintenance of Electric Motor

Operation And Maintenance Of Electric Motor | The article is completely covered about the electric motor maintenance. so, read carefully without skip any paragraph. Change the direction of rotation By interchanging any two of the three main supply leads to the stator. No change is required for the rotor leads in slip ring motors. Role … Read more

Preventive Maintenance of Electric Motor

Preventive Maintenance of Electric Motor | Points to be attend during periodical maintenance: general cleaning and blowing off of dust with compressed air at a pressure of 80 to 100 lb. per sq.in. i. Checking of air gap ii. Greasing or oiling of bearings iii. Measurement of insulation resistance of windings iv. Attention to slip … Read more

Maintenance of Transformer : The Complete Guide

Maintenance of Transformer : The Complete Guide | One of the passive electrical device is the electrical transformer. It is used to transfer the electrical energy. In this article we are going to see about maintenance of transformer. The guide is completely covered about transformer maintenance. So, read carefully without skip any paragraph. Precautions For … Read more